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Rich: GEMS, MINERALS and CRYSTALS. I have loved them since I was a kid. I have gone on field trips to about 1/3 of the United States. I collected, traded and sold them. Natures’ Beauties. WOW!

Throughout the years a stronger interest turned me to faceted gems and cabochons. I collected and developed contacts throughout the world to bring gemstones to you at very reasonable prices.

Debbie and I were married several years ago. She has the same passion I do for gemstones. Together, we offer them to you here. We hope you find some gemstones, cabochons or other items you will enjoy for years. Debbie worked for jewelers in Florida and Michigan. She likes to design, loves pearls and puts suites together as well. Let us know if there are things you would like to see, that we do not have listed. We want you to come to us for many of your needs and for some of the special things we bring to you.

Most of our gems are NOT the low quality gems so many sell on the Internet and on eBay. We try to carry clean well cut gems. Some have inclusions. When they do, we tell you. We have an extensive page on Treatments of Gemstones shown under the WHATEVER link above. A huge percentage of gems sold around the world have treatments of some type. We disclose all we know about any gem or cab offered for sale.

For many years, we have sold to jewelers, jewelry designers, Universities, Community Colleges, Studios, wire wrappers, collectors and others that just love rocks and gems. We offer our items on this website as well as on the road.

For several years I left the road and traveled to Tennessee. I was fortunate enough to have my own show selling my gemstones and opals on several of the Home Shopping Television Networks. It was a great experience. Plus, I made some fantastic contacts all over the world to supply me with beautiful gems and cabs.

We have just got this site up and running. We will be adding hundreds of items in the coming weeks and months. It should allow us to keep it updated more easily as well as offer more items. We hope you find things you like.

Best regards,

Rich & Debbie Day




Each time we update the site, we will post the pages and the date they have been updated. This will help those that regularly visit the site.