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GEMS, CABOCHONS and much more for your enjoyment.

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ATTENTION JEWELERS and DESIGNERS! We have a page on this Site just for you. It’s called “Designers Jlry” If you create jewelry with gemstones or cabochons you purchased from me, We will be pleased to post it (them) on that page. I will include your credits, description and if you wish, attach a link to reach you. Email me with detailed information and pictures.                                                                    And, the best part—it’s FREE.


SHIPPING PHILOSOPHY: I NEVER try to make money from shipping as so many selling on the net do. Shipping charges are actual plus a very small amount to cover what many of you may not realize costs us money. Things like bubble wrap, puff pack envelopes, labels, pens, tape, baggies, plastic and glass top cups, printer ink and paper, gas to drive your package to the post office and more things I am sure I missed. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? It is, but not for each package. Just a little more than actual shipping cost. Sometimes a bit of a loss for us.


We reserve the right to remove any item or correct any error of any kind or anything on this site before an agreement to sell is reached.


NOTICE:::  No product we sell, manufacture, distribute, or advertise is intended for use by anyone under the age of 10 years old.  Please keep all products I offer away from children that are 10 years old or younger.  Any machinery should be used only after proper instruction is given for age appropriate usage. None of our products should ever be put inside the mouth, licked, or ingested. Be very careful when cutting or working any rough gem materials into a finished stone. Some give off dangerous gases and dust. Others can be injurious to your health. Research all before you work with them.

Gemstones and Cabochons are what I sell the most, I have amethyst, citrine, rutilated, smoky, lemon, green, tiger-eye, yellow and other colors in quartz. I have jaspers of Owyhee, dragon blood, picture. There is obsidian, mahogany, snowflake obsidian, rainbow, Mt St Helens, and more. Agates are from all over the world including Botswana agate, Brazilian agate, Crazy lace agate, fire agate, carnelian agate, Indian moss agate and more. You will see rubies of round, oval, emerald cut and trilliant. I have sapphires that are natural and BE Heated. They are diamond cut and princess cut in colors from canary yellow, to yellow to golden to orange to nearly red and even pink.  I have opals. There is Mexican opal, Australian opal, boulder opal, precious opal, opal doublets. I even have CZ which is cubic zirconia. I have mystic quartz, mystic topaz, rainbow quartz, rainbow topaz and more. There are many more gems and cabs. Things like charoite, labradorite, rosetta jasper, chrome diopside, tsavorite. Also aquamarine, emerald, fluorite, garnet of many types including pyrope, rhodolite, spessertite, hessonite, spessertine and others. Even some kunzite, peridot, and morganite. There are spinels and zircons. Even some collector stones like zincite, triphylite, scapolite and others. There is calligraphy stone, sugellite, charoite, chiastolite, fibrolite, goldstone and so much more. Please take a look.

Email: gems@redayent.com


Phone: 630-258-9095 (central time zone)

                      Please call 10 AM to 10 PM central time.


Rich Day Enterprises

PO Box 911

Roscoe, IL. 61073

There will be pages for CLOSEOUTS. Pages for items that have a slight defect of some sort. Sales on closeouts and items with slight defects will be final.

YOU WILL KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT ALL ITEMS before you purchase them. Every time we update the site, we will post the date to the right of the “WELCOME” above.

Please peruse the site and let us know what item(s) you may wish to purchase. We will send you a confirmation of availability and the total cost of your order including first class postal shipping. Email us with a list of the item names and the item numbers at gems@redayent.com. Or, if you have questions, you may call us at 630-258-9095 after 9 am until 9 pm Central Time. 

                                                                   Best……..Rich and Debbie Day


Payment options are shown on the last page. Payments are accepted by check, money order and through PayPal. PLUS CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS. For those, click on the PAYMENT OPTION link near the bottom left to take you to the payment page  - 

but, only after I have given you the total for your order.    



            Thank you all very much for making our year a good one.


               At this time we are only shipping in the United States.

                              All prices on this site are in US $ 

Updated: 07 30 18


Any Ivory offered here are from collections from LONG ago.

Minimum payment through PAYPAL, Credit or Debit cards is $10.

Thank you for coming to our site. Debbie and I want to make it appealing and offer you some very nice items at good prices.

We will be changing the entire site in the coming months. What you will see here is a completely separate inventory from what we carry in our travels.

We will be listing hundreds and hundreds of faceted stones, cabochons and other items acquired from our suppliers all over the world.  From time to time we will have equipment, books, findings and more as we acquire them from collections and more.