Prehnite Mixed shapes

 1574. TOURMALINE in PREHNITE cabochons. Mixed shapes and sizes. 15.33 x 10.23 mm Baguette shape, 19.64 x 11.72 mm oval and 21.6 x 10.12 p/s. Price each is only $13.  

Prehnite Mixed Rds

 1562. PREHNITE. Delightful green color, A couple have a hint of black tourmaline in them. 11 to 14 mm Rds. Prices are from $4 to $7 each based on size. 13 avail.  










Quartz w/Tourmaline or Rutile mix

1212.  QUARTZ with TOURMALINE or  RUTILE inclusions. 5 stones that  weigh a total of 44.80 cts. All five for $20. Or, 6 ea.   

Quartz, Rutilated 10 mm Rd

  1648. RUTILATED QUARTZ 10 mm rounds. Filled with lovely golden needles. Averages 3.92 cts each. 6 available at $8 each.   

Tigereye Quartz Mixed shapes

 1607. TIGEREYE Quartz. Mixed lot of shapes. $6 each. 9 avail.  

Tigereye Quartz 14 mm Rds

 1612. TIGEREYE. These are shaped like M&Ms. Rounded on both sides. 14 mm Rds. $3 each. 10 Avail.  

Tigereye 18 x 9 mm MQ

 1327. TIGEREYE 18 x 9 mm cabochons. Great eye. Nicely cut. 12 available at $4 each 

Red Tigereye Mixed Shapes

 1332. RED TIGEREYE cabochons. Assorted shapes.  Nice patterns. $7 ea. 12 avail.

R to S Cabochons


1301.  SODALITE CABS. Blue, orange and white.  $30 for all or $4 ea. 


 1597. SODALITE. Softer colors. Mixed with blue, cream and a bit of orange in some. $5 each. 8 avail.  

Rhodocrosite Oval

  1581 RHODOCROSITE Cabochon measuring 29.9 x 22 mm. It weighs 45.50 cts. From Peru. Gorgeous translucent pink. $35.    

Ruby Oval

   1637. RUBY cabs from Viet Nam. Assorted ovals. Ave. wgt. is .48 ct. ea. A bit stronger red than the picture shows. Sizes range from 5.1 x 3.2 mm to 5.8 x 3.9 mm. 10 avail. at $20 ea.  

Rhodocrosite 33.41 cts

 1528. RHODOCROSITE Cabochons from Peru. Gorgeous gemmy salmon pink color. Very few of these around., It weighs 33.41 cts and 28.4 x 16.2 mm. Great piece $30.  1506

Rhodocrosite 25.3 x 19 mm Ov

 1502B. RHODOCROSITE oval 25.3 x 19 mm. Stunning pattern. Just wonderful. $35. NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT.  


Turquoise - All 3 pictures

 1492. TURQUOISE. Sleeping Beauty. Looks like this piece has been stabilized. Received from a collection going back at least 15 years. 75.21 cts and meas. 36.68 x 27.62 x 10.66 mm. Special price at $60.  Sorry NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT

Turquoise FF

 1503B. TIBETAN TURQUOISE free form shape. Gorgeous piece. $40.   24 x 20.8 mm. NO ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT.  

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